Building Depot v3.2.9


This is the official documentation of BuildingDepot v3.2.9. BuildingDepot is essentialy an Extensible and Distributed Architecture for Sensor Data Storage, Access and Sharing.

Building Depot has two essential components a Central Service and a Data Service :

Central Service - A central directory containing details of all the buildings,users

Data Service - The core component of BD and is responsible for handling the actual sensor data. Exposes a RESTful API for retrieving data and inserting data into the system.

An institution has a single CentralService that houses data of all buildings and user accounts on campus, and multiple DataServices, each of which may contain sensor data of several buildings.

A DataService may belong to any single administrative group that requires sole control over who can access the underlying sensor data points. Different buildings on a campus might desire their own DataService.


Read more about the DataService


You can get the latest BuildingDepot package (tar.gz) from

Getting Started

The Getting started document will help you guide through the initial setup after installing BuildingDepot.